She dreams... – The Eat Your Peas Collection by Gently Spoken
She dreams...

She dreams...

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I'm a dreamer. Some people even say I live with my head in the clouds. No, I live with my head in a place of endless possibility. I created She dreams...for the dreamer in all of us. My wish is these little cards will remind you you're worthy of living your dreams.  Set in motion what you desire, ask others to help you along the way, and trust the process. After all, anything is possible if you believe.
~ Cheryl 
A set of twelve 3"x3" cards artfully designed on textured paper. 

Are these little cards really meant to be given away? Because I can’t part with mine.  I am 'Daring' more, 'Dreaming' more, and 'Pausing' more.  These little reminders make me smile every time I look at one. ~ Judy Bell