Eat Your Peas Collection – The Eat Your Peas Collection by Gently Spoken

Take root. Plant love. Nourish daily.

We believe just about everyone could use a bit of nutrition for their heart and soul these days. And that’s what our sweet PEAS are all about. You know the feeling. That warm fuzzy feeling when someone lets you know just how much they care about you. An “I care, I’ve got your back” promise is what’s at the heart of each gift book in the Eat Your Peas Collection. From generation to generation, no wonder more than one million, Eat Your Peas gift books have been loved and cherished. To learn more about what inspired us to create the Eat Your Peas Collection, visit our About Us page. 

Home Grown in the USA 

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My son told me he will keep this book for the rest of his life. And he’s 49!

After reading Eat Your Peas for Daughters, my daughter was in “happy” tears. Afterwards, we had one of the best conversations we‘ve had in years.

I had no idea my sister was proud of me. Thank you for putting into words what my heart needed to hear.

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