She dares... – The Eat Your Peas Collection by Gently Spoken
She dares...

She dares...

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I dare you!
I chose DARE as my word for 2020 hoping it would be the
challenge I'd need to empower myself to make better choices.  I began to reframe my thoughts: I dare to ask for what I want.
 I dare not to open the fridge?  I dare to pick up the phone and have a tough conversation.  I dare to live more fully and wholeheartedly. Who knew She dares...would be so empowering? I dare you to find out!~ Cheryl
Includes twelve 3"x3" cards artfully designed on textured paper.
Raves and Reviews:
Are these little cards really meant to be given away? Because I can’t part with mine.  I am 'Daring' more, 'Dreaming' more, and 'Pausing' more.  These little reminders make me smile every time I look at one. ~ Judy Bell