Eat Your Peas for an Extraordinary Young Person – The Eat Your Peas Collection by Gently Spoken
Eat Your Peas for an Extraordinary Young Person

Eat Your Peas for an Extraordinary Young Person

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A gift only you can give...

Full of wise and wisdom affirmation, this book will touch the heart of any young person fortunate enough to receive it. Includes a drop-everything promise (complete with the giver's phone number) to be an ever-ready listener and a wholehearted champion.

72 pages, four-color, includes decorative envelope for gift giving and mailing. This is the original book that started it all!

Author's note: 

So what can you say to a teen who doubts her/his magnificence and self-worth? At four o'clock one morning, I filled page after page with love, wisdom, encouragement, and guidance ---all the things I wished someone would have cared enough (or dared enough) to say to me when I was sixteen years of age. 

Eat Your Peas for an Extraordinary Young Person is the original book in the Eat Your Peas series.  I wrote it for a teenager named Maddy who was struggling with hopelessness and despair.  I wanted to give Maddy a promise she could keep on her nightstand as a reminder she was loved and that I would be there for her any time of the day or night.

Suitable for teens to millennials, this book would be ideal for a son or daughter, niece or nephew, granddaughter or grandson, neighbor, or friend or anyone time you you need to let an extraordinary young person you know (who might not be feeling so extraordinary at the moment) you care or to help celebrate a birthday or graduation. There's not a better way to say, "I believe in you. I've got your back."

Really, who couldn't use a promise like that?  

And that young teen named Maddy who inspired this book, and an 14 additional titles in the Eat Your Peas series of gift books? Today Maddy's a successful professional, a loving wife, and the best mother ever to her nearly three-year old daughter. Best of all Maddy is my Bonus Daughter. Forever.

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